Meet PositivelyAnne

Life has a way of challenging us to dig deeper, to be more than we ever imagined and starting with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2016, at the age of 53, Anne embarked on a five year journey that would see her through eighteen surgeries, numerous allergies to first line defense antibiotics and survive a (early in the pandemic) bout of COVID 19, only to leaving her immune system weak and her body transformed in a way she didn’t recognize. It should have been a time of paralyzing fear and anxiety and no one, least of all the people who knew her best, could blame her for being angry. It was a lot…a whole lot! But Anne was determined not to let her health battles steal her joy. Giving in to the anger would be like giving in to the disease and she knew she had to fight the pull of negativity and focus on the “light” to be fully healed. So she began to blog about her journey ( and share the stories of the incredible people and inspirational moments that gave her hope and left her feeling blessed, instead of negative. Beyond her very supportive family, Anne found writing about the positive in her world attracted the very people that she hoped to journey through life with. People who were different from her in so many ways, but who appreciated and valued the beauty in life, and became great friends and mentors to her. So it is in this spirit that Anne continues her story with a new blog, in the hope that it will continue to inspire others, no matter their situation, to look for the positive in everyday life and reap the rewards in mind, body and spirit.

A native Californian, Anne has a degrees in business, journalism and early childhood education and has been married to her college sweetheart, Tom, for over 33 years. She is the mother of three successful young adults who inspire her to keep reaching for the stars! You can check out her latest children’s book, “Sylvie Jean and the Invisible Virus Monster” on Amazon kindle.

Open your heart to positivity and let the healing begin.

All are Welcome to Join the Journey!  PositivelyAnne 

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